Company Profile

Message from the President and CEO

Ever since our company was founded in 1949 by Yaichi Miyazaki, we have managed our retail business by offering Japanese traditional dishes and kitchen accessories, and have progressively grown our business. We are extremely grateful to both our customers and suppliers for this growth. Moving forward, all employees will continue to work as a united team offering genuine products and more fun.

Hiroaki Miyazaki

President and CEO

Management Philosophy

Moving forward with a grateful heart

We are grateful to the environment, our ancestors, and all people from the bottom of our hearts.

With goals and dreams we move forward step by step.

  • Kikuya contributes to society through our business practices.
  • We gain no advantage other than the results of our toil and hard work.
  • Trust is gained from our practices and actions, and there is nothing to be gained from false trust.
  • Kikuya does not get drawn into or swept up in the current climate, and always follows our principles, making decisions with dignity.